Guidance on having your caravan or motor home repaired

Please ensure that:The vehicle is empty of personal items so that we can access all areas to carry out inspections, checks and repairs. This includes lockers, wardrobes and showers. The toilet waste tank is empty and clean.
All loose items required for using the vehicle are present, e.g. motor mover control, mains leads, water pump/filter connection.
Keys to doors, wheel locks and spare wheels are left with us.
That we have contact details for you in case we need to get in touch.
Please reverse the vehicle into our premises, if you need assistance, pull up outside and we will be happy to help.
Please collect the vehicle promptly on being advised that it is ready as we have limited space for storage.
We reserve the right to charge at the rate of £7.00 per day if vehicles are not collected within 2 working days but will advise you of this in advance.
Should you wish to contact us you can do so on 01787 375023 or
Thanking you for your cooperation